We engage and mobilize individuals and work together with like-minded groups to call on governments and sectors for urgently needed policy changes.

We seek to actively engage the public in order to enhance their awareness and involve them in addressing current social issues related to chemicals management.

Chemicals management is not a challenge limited to policy- and decision-makers and communities. Because the impacts are broad, everyone in society is affected. The general lack of awareness or indifference of people to the pervasiveness of toxic chemicals in daily life and the dangers these pose may have led, in part, to the current situation we face.

Involving members of the public in campaigns that promote chemicals management aims to make them aware of the power of their voice and their choices as consumers and voters in influencing their country’s—and the world’s—chemical safety regime.

Our campaigns seek to promote environmental justice, ensuring that developing countries in the region do not bear a disproportionate burden of pollution coming from developed countries, and to prevent toxic trade in products, wastes, and technologies, particularly trade from developed to developing countries in Asia.

At present we are running campaigns on the return of the waste shipment from Canada to the Philippines, as well as on the ratification of the Basel Ban Amendment and the Minamata Convention.